DealerSocket Dealership Action Report 2016

The essential statistical guide to the automotive industry is back. This year in the DAR, we examine consumer opinion versus dealer perception. Our findings were eye-opening.

We surveyed more than 2,000 consumers, polled dealerships and dealer groups across the United States and Canada, examined real statistics compiled from more than 10,000 dealerships that use DealerSocket solutions, and cross-referenced our findings against those from industry thought leaders such as J.D. Power. The result is an invaluable resource that will aid you in identifying and prioritizing the processes and technologies that can make the greatest impact on your bottom line.

Using Google Consumer Surveys, we asked consumers about their attitudes toward the car buying process, including

  • Research
  • Dealership communication and follow up
  • Vehicle Purchase
  • Financing
  • Service
Download the DealerSocket Dealership Action Report 2016 today, and find out if you are meeting your customers’ expectations.

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